Demetrios Meimaridis for Website

Designing from my Heart

My name is Demetrios Meimaridis and I have put this site together to show my work in dedication to my Loving Mother and Father.

My Mother owned a restaurant called The Little Gourmet which was noted for serving foods that were works of art.  My Mother used edible flowers for color and taste while preparing dishes that would melt in your mouth. I use to watch her with amazement.

My Father owned a bakery in Greece which did Artistic designs that would really and make your taste buds jump for joy.  The bread won numerous awards for designs.  

At a young age I would expand to art and building things. Creative structure and drawings were part of my living as a child. Naturally, I gravitated towards design school and was fortunate enough to attend the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design.  I won many awards during my time there and used my own wooden toy company as a creative release.  My toy designs have been show cased in numerous stores.

In 1994, I was introduced to the use of computer in creating digital art.  I have continued to explore the medium by combining digital photography, oils and acrylics. My work flows seamlessly and effortlessly from painting with broad washes of acrylics one moment to applying impasto oil paint in the next, I find that this kind of creative control exceeds traditional media alone. I have been able to explore the techniques of various artists as I expand my creative tool.

The tools and the medium are not my focus, however the experience of the process of creating and the feelings I hope my art generates in others is what motivates me.  In trying to create those feelings, I synthesize traditional and modern art tools from expressive abstraction to surrealism. I have been inspired by the places in the world in which I have traveled and the events that have impacted my life during these travels. I hope that you will find my work unique and that it will bring a sense of happiness to you and your family.

The way I approach my design is with everything that I do from products, sculptures, paintings, drawings, to graphics is a system that is created through every piece that I do.  Now you can jump into my shoes and Travel The Mind Of Design.

I love you Mom and Dad.